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The Sourbrobaker journey began back in 2015 in a tiny flat in North London. I was hard at work perfecting the art of the pancake loaf of bread (aka the failed loaf) when fate threw me a lifeline in the form of a one day ‘introduction to sourdough’ bread-making course at one of the best bakeries in London; e5 Bakehouse.

Stepping foot inside the heart of a bakery and seeing the action, smelling the various ferments, and witnessing the culmination of all those careful steps as crusty, burnished loaves of delicious sourdough bread were pulled from the ovens was an inspiring experience and from that day on I was hooked!

A return to our home of Melbourne followed, where the obsession intensified as, one by one, sections of our small home were gradually taken over by baking equipment. The day that a grain mill I’d been gradually saving up to buy for a couple of years arrived on my doorstop (allowing for freshly ground flours) all the way from Montana, USA was confirmation that the obsession had reached new heights.

Since that day back in 2017 my goal has been to provide my community with the healthiest and most flavoursome sourdough breads and pastries that I can produce – by using grains and flours that are as local as possible, always organic or biodynamic where available, grinding flours fresh and by hand (this maximises both the flavour and nutrients in the bread), and using a long, slow fermentation to aid in digestibility.



Handmade real sourdough bread

My goal is to maximise flavour and nutrition in all aspects of the baking so all bread is made using the following:

    Only organic and biodynamic flours and grains.
    Freshly milled wholegrain flour (I have my own hand-cranked flour mill which I use to hand-mill wholegrain flours which are then used in the bread – this maximises nutrition and flavour)
    Naturally dried sea salt (no iodised salt).
    A sourdough culture maintained using organic flours that has been in continual existence for 10 years.

Country Sourdough (Classic)
A classic sourdough with a blend of approximately 75% organic white flour & 25% organic stoneground wholegrain flours (rye, wheat, spelt & khorasan grains).

Seeded Sourdough
Country sourdough loaded with toasted seeds (sunflower, sesame, flax, pumpkin) and rolled in a coating of seeds which toast during baking into a jewelled, delicious crust.

Sesame Wholegrain Sourdough
A hearty sourdough loaf containing 50% wholegrain flours and 50% organic white flour along with toasted sesame seeds throughout and on top of the loaf.

Sunflower Flax Sourdough
Country sourdough with some extra wholegrain flour and the addition of toasted & soaked flax and sunflower seeds (improves digestion) inside the loaf.

Wholegrain Sourdough
A hearty, slightly heavier wholegrain loaf of sourdough containing approximately 75% wholegrain flours and 25% organic white flour.

Sweet Potato & Rosemary Sourdough
Country sourdough with the addition of pureed sweet potato and chopped rosemary, giving the loaf a moist interior and fragrant crust.

Spiced Fruit Sourdough
Real fruit sourdough bread made with a base puree of whole orange & fresh ginger, loaded with dried fruit and ground cinnamon.

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